2024. Február 24/ 18.00 / Premier Kultcafé, BUDAPEST

Nagy örömünkre szolgál bejelenteni, hogy a Cannes-i Fesztivál hivatalos válogatásából két film is bemutatásra kerül a magyar premieren:
* Fár / Dir. Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter (Iceland)
* Tits / Dir. Eivind LANDSVIK (Norway)

A versenyi magyar filmek:
DUB HARD or the Sad and True Story of the Robbery of the Pannonia Dubbing Studio / Dir. Zsolt Dér (Hungary)
Frosting / Dir. Hunor Demeter (Hungary)
Eidolon / Dir. Shade Rupe, Lisa Hammer (Hungary)
Viktor & Victoria / Dir. 
András Reszeli-Soós (Hungary)
Your Dad / Dir. 
Anita Kühnel Szabó (Hungary)
Klatzow Project - Red Sun / Dir. 
Márton Gábor Szives (Hungary)
Behind Closed Doors / Dir. 
Levente Lippai (Hungary)
Old Receiver / Dir. 
Péter János Ákos, Sándor Kapitány (Hungary)
Encounter / Dir. 
Kiliána Kilián (Hungary)
Zwischenstopp / Dir. 
Kiliána Kilián (Hungary)
Wild Gemenc: Autumn Odyssey (2023) / Dir. 
Simon A. Bomb (Hungary)
LUCA - Gonosz bábok / Dir. Péter Engelmann (Hungary)

Budapest Movie Awards

Budapest Movie Awards is Film Festival with live screenings in Budapest, in Hungary. Our mission and goal is to discover and promote talented filmmakers from all over the world and present them to the public and therefore is our festival is a brilliant opportunity to participate in international competition.

FilmFreeway has ranked our film festival, the Budapest Movie Awards, among the TOP 100 MOST POPULAR FILM FESTIVALS in Europe. The best hungarian and international films and music video selected will be screened at the Premier Kultcafé Budapest, February 16 2024.

Previous winners of our festival are well-know directors such as Alban Coret (France), Christophe Lenoir (France), Louis Leininger (Germany), Eftychia Maria Kondyli (Greece), Luiza Komorowska (Poland), Zsolt Venczel (Hungary), Claudia Barral Magaz (Germany), Darina Zhunussova (Latvia), Djordje Stojiljkovic (Serbia), Tamas Levardi (United Kingdom), András Körtési (Hungary) and others.

The moment the atmospheric and sensual music and the visual side are combined with the use of film elements, an artistically valuable music video can be created. Our goal is to create a place where Budapest culture will connect with the music industry, where we will present the best music videos.

An international independent jury works at the festival, composed of judges from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Spain, Japan, Mexico and USA.

Spike Jonze, Gore Verbinski, and many other amazing directors even got their start in music videos. We want to find the next great creator, the next great musician, and the next great music video.

Combining image with music creates the long-awaited "integral cinema" that adds another dimension and power to visual messages. At the same time, it gives the second life music itself, which allows us to visualize images inspired by melodies, which are often lost in the subconscious.

As one of the youngest genres in the film industry, it is a video clip, an audiovisual work whose sound component is the whole or substantially a record of the artistic performance of a musical work.

We project the best super short film, short film and feature film and you can visit the city Budapest and get to know our culture. Budapest is a beautiful city with a wonderful culture and amazing nightlife.

Cash prizes of $300 will be awarded to winners during the LIVE SCREENING.


We accept submissions through FilmFreeway. Click on the picture.